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How can NIC help you? Business Introduction

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

From market research to regulation schemes, NIC insights have provided lots of information to introduce Taiwan asset management market in the past months. After several months of preparation, we are glad to share the details with our partners, readers and clients about our goal, our capabilities, and our plan.

Our goal is to assist our partners in developing business at Taiwan asset management market. In order to do so, we will help our partners in the following ways for now:

1. Institution Business Consultant

2. Private Placement Agent

3. Mandate Local Servicer

4. Sub Advisory Servicer

All the mentioned services, which we believe are highly aligned with our partners’ interests, are the key to help our partners in growing business in Taiwan. NIC insight this month is aiming to provide details of what NIC’s core business is, and how NIC is going to help our partners.

Institution Business Consultant

We believe a thorough understanding of local market and a feasible business plan is the foundation to your success. That’s why we offer our Institution Business Consultant Service to our partners who wants to participate in local market here in Taiwan. Many of our partners, outstanding asset managers with various strategies and lots of capabilities, have encountered difficulties developing business in Taiwan. Due to local regulation and institutional business culture, figure out a good fit for Taiwan clients’ needs is harder than expected. We, NIC, provide consulting services saving your time and effort through following services.

1. Assist you to know your clients in an efficient way: NIC can provide the clients preference information, both quantitative and qualitative. We collect data not only from open sources, but also through frequent and in-depth direct interviews with investors.

2. Identify key anchor products accommodated with Taiwan culture: In our experience, there’s often a huge gap between investors’ demand and the product provided by the fund house. Lack of anchor or flagship product makes it harder for investors to accept new names.

3. Draft tailor-made sales plan: After knowing the client and identifying the anchor products, NIC will draft a tailor-made sales plan providing you with roadmap and milestone of future developments.

Private Placement Agent

The institution and individual professional investors could invest in unregistered offshore funds through private placement scheme in Taiwan. However according to regulation, offshore managers need to assign a private placement agent to help dealing with reporting and communication matters. In addition, the products that professional investors looking for have quite diverge characteristics and thus many of our partners found it difficult to match buy-side needs. NIC is now ready to assist our partners through private placement scheme to distribute existing funds. We provide our partners with following services:

1. Fulfill regulation requirements, for managers who want to distribute unregistered funds in Taiwan.

2. Establish cooperation with leading banks in Taiwan and PB clients.

3. Introduce your products to professional investors.

4. Prepare required materials and sales training.

Mandate Local Servicer

It’s well known that Taiwan pension funds regularly launch offshore mandates and select mandate managers publicly. According to the most updated numbers, exited BLF foreign investment mandates account for USD $44bn, PSPF (public service pension fund) account for $6.6bn, these two represent the majority of public funds. It is well known that both in and after the mandate selection process, local servicer is required by pension operation regulation to assist in application for bidding, and after-service for mandates winners. NIC have an experienced team that are able identify the problem and increase efficiency since we are familiar with the bidding practice.. We know what fund managers are looking for and are willing to use our know-how in helping our partners to fit their needs. If you want to participate pension mandates, we can provide the services that fit all the regulatory requirements. As a local servicer, NIC will assist you in following ways:

1. In bidding stage, assist you in communicating with the pension funds, make sure you meet all investment requirements and guidelines.

2. Complete the RFP submitting, included but not limited to content advise, translation, printing, and preparation for all required documents.

3. In after-service (if got selected), we will assist you in delivering all regular bilingual reports and communicating for clients ad-hoc instructions.

Sub Advisory Servicer

Although there are 39 asset management companies in Taiwan, many of the SITEs in Taiwan have been seeking for experienced offshore managers as sub advisers to help them understand and invest in overseas market. However, offshore managers often find it hard to identify which SITE has demand for sub advisory and requires local servicer to make the process more efficient. NIC is familiar with buy-side capabilities, human resources, strengths and weaknesses. We are able to link our partners specialties with local SITEs needs in the most efficient way. We could help you seizing the opportunities and provide relative services.

1. Spot sub advisory opportunities

2. Assist offshore managers to pitch product ideas and communicate with clients.

3. Prepare marketing materials and conduct product training

How do we start, if we want to be a partner of NIC?

In the very first stage, please reach out to us directly for Institution Business Consult and by understanding your position and target, we could draft a sales plan for you. We provide customized services to our partners and are open to all kinds of demands. Please feel free to contact us directly for one on one discussion.


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