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Institution Business Consulting

We understand, many of our partners, outstanding global asset managers with various strategies and superior investment capabilities, encountered difficulties developing business in Taiwan. Constrained by complex regulations and local institutional business culture, our partners realize a good fit of products for Taiwan clients’ needs is far different from their expectation. What’s more important is most of the local institutions prefer to cope with the offshore managers who have local contact and service team. NIC, a licensed institutional consultant, enables you save time and effort, creating shortcuts through following services.


  • Assist you in knowing your clients in the efficient mode

  • Identify key anchor products accommodated with Taiwan culture

  • Establish and execute tailor-made business plan 

Our Services 


Private Placement Agent

Besides the Master Agent scheme for mass retail market, Private Placement scheme is carried out in Taiwan. Compliant to local regulation, an on-site regulated agent is required to proceed periodical reporting and communication matters when conducting private placement to institutions and individual professional investors.

We assist the unregistered funds with fulfillment of the regulatory requirements, construction of feeder/master through SITE private placement funds, and direct sales to professional investors i.e. Lifers, Corporates and High-Net-Worth individuals, etc.


Mandate Local Servicer

Taiwan pension funds are reputed to offer billions mandates regularly., The offshore fund managers participating in the selection procedure is requested to appoint a licensed local agent to deal the tender matters. We are rich in fruitful and efficient S.O.P, enabling our partners fulfill the legal requests and win the tender.

In bidding stage, we will have in-depth communication with the tender owners, based on our close and long-term relationship with all Taiwan pension funds. We ensure you meet all tender requirements and guidelines. Our team is experienced in the RFP edition. We will give you comprehensive advices, including but not limited to the content elaboration, translation and others.


More significantly, professional after-service will also be executed to our reliable partners when you got selected from the tender. Our team will endeavor to deal cumbersome matters in Taiwan, enabling you concentrate on investment and business all over the world.  


Sub Advisory Servicer

39 local asset management companies (SITEs) are operating in Taiwan. NIC is identifying the SITEs that tend to appoint sub investment advisor from extraordinary offshore investment companies, to enhance the SITE’s overseas investment exposure. We know well the strengths of our partners’. We all the same time grasp the strategy movement of Taiwan enterprises. NIC is capable of seizing the opportunities for our partners efficiently.

  • Identify sub advisory opportunities and activate the demand of SITEs or local corporates

  • Sidekick of offshore managers to pitch product ideas to potential clients 

  • Perform effective marketing plan as well as product training program

Sub advisory
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